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Corporate Gifting: Transform Your Rewards and Recognition Program

Rewarding your employees is the best way to show appreciation and recognition of their efforts. The best way to do so is corporate gifting, where you bestow gifts and bonuses on your employees for a job well done. 

Today, corporate gifting is no longer just a formality, it holds a much deeper meaning. As a token of appreciation, it can drive your employees to give their best. It showcases your company values, which can help in bringing your company forward. It helps both the employee and employer, as it builds up a relationship between the two.  

Here, we will talk about corporate gifting and how it would truly transform your reward and recognition program.

How Employee Rewards Drive Performance and Retention?

There are many reasons to offer rewards and recognition to your employees. Here are some of reasons::

  • Relationship Strength: Corporate Gifts are a great way to nurture your relationship with your employees. They can make them feel appreciated and wanted, by you and the company. They also give the employees an incentive to work even harder, which leads to more growth for the company.
  • Company Values: With corporate gifting you showcase your company values. It showcases that your company has strong values that appreciate its employees. It can be done by gifting at various points in the year, whether it’s an employee’s birthday or another occasion. These acts of kindness will reinforce your company values.
  • Company Reputation: Gifting your employees has an effect not only inside the company but also outside. Showing appreciation increases your company’s reputation. By your rewards and recognition, your employees would not want to work anywhere else and rave about their workplace, leading to higher company reputation.
  • Brand Visibility: Employee rewards also have a marketing benefit. If your gifts also have your company logo and branding on them, if the employee’s friends or family see the gifts, they will look at the company logo and appreciate it. This definitely helps increase brand visibility.
  • Stronger Partner Relationship: Incentivizing your channel partners after they reach certain milestones can help your company strengthen its relationships with them and build long-term business relationships.
  • Loyalty: Rewarding your employees for their dedication can build loyalty. If your company shows gratitude and takes care of the employees, they will take care of the company and the work assigned to them. Corporate Gifting is a great way to let your employees know that you value what they bring to your company.

Last Words

Corporate gifting has changed, and its main objective is to show appreciation to your employees, but it means even more. By investing in corporate gifting, you can build on employee relationships and focus on company growth. It can improve a company’s reputation, promote company values, and improve brand visibility. Corporate Gifting has come a long way and will continue to evolve. Stay ahead of the curve as corporate gifting transforms your rewards and recognition program!

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Q. What to consider when you are choosing corporate gifts?

Ans. When you choose your corporate gifts, you should keep some things in mind: the recipient, the occasion, and the budget to be spent.

Q. What are some corporate gifts to reward your employees?

Ans. Some popular gifts for your employees are personalized gifts, gift cards, gift baskets, electronics and more.

Q. Where to find help in selecting corporate gifting?

Ans. Cumaccs – Your gifting partner has experienced specialists who can assist you in choosing the most suitable gifts based on your requirements.

Q. What are the benefits of corporate gifting?

Ans. Some of the benefits of corporate gifting are building loyalty, boosting morale and engagement, improving your brand visibility and more.

Q. Can you send corporate gifts digitally?

Ans. Yes, you can send corporate gifts digitally in the form of digital e-cards or tickets to an experience. You can also send money as a bonus online as a corporate gift.